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    Question Bash Script
    A Friend and I have written a bash that emulates the enigma encription machine used by the germans during WWII.

    I tested this script on my Intel PIII 933 and it runs circles around my POWERBOOK G4 1.5ghz.

    I am not bashing mac just wondering why this might happen.
    I ran the bash script with the time command and on my 933 it took 12 seconds for 355 letters to be encoded on the G4 it took 1 minute and 35 seconds to do the same job...

    Just wondering ... oh and as well (( a little off the topic but...)) I am able to VPN to my OFFICE which is MS PPTP VPN.. I do not get an internal network IP address and cannot connect to our exchange server with mail.. I am able to do this if I am at the office but not through VPN... might it be that I am connected via my Airport Express card although I use the same card to connect at the office ??

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