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    Problem with physical reinstall of hard drive
    Thanks to iTunes my Macbook’s original 60g hard drive is completely packed. Last week I bought a 320g WD Scorpio (and that much needed second gig of RAM). Everything was going smoothly until last night when I went to install the new drive for the final time (I have had it in and out maybe 3 times before this during set up).

    The problem – there is a piece of black rubber at the back of the Macbook’s hard drive slot that is popping up just enough to keep the drive from seating. I’m not sure what this thing is…I didn’t notice it until it was keeping me from sliding the drive in. I have tried to gently push it down but nothing has worked. Has anyone seen this before and know of a (hopefully simple) fix?

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    I don't know of a simple fix.

    You might have to disassemble your macbook which is quite easy compared to an ibook. Check out

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