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    Question 2 Day old white macbook fan noise
    Before I get bashed for not searching this... I have looked at a lot of threads about fan noise issues but nothing that was posted helped.

    I just got my macbook 2 days ago and when ever it is running I can hear the stupid fan going. It sounds like a bee in the room almost and is quite annoying. My room mate has the same macbook but his is a little older and it makes no noise. I installed fan control to see if slowing the fan down would make the noise stop. I reduced the min speed to 1000rpm and I can still hear the stupid thing. My room mates fan runs consistently at around 1800 rpm and I can hear anything but if mine goes up to that speed then it sounds like the macbook is going to take off.

    Anyone else have this problem?

    Also I took it back to where I bought it but of course, since there was a lot of white noise due to the hvac system he couldn't hear it.

    Any help is greatly appriciated as this is driving me up the effing wall!

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    Take it back once more but this time let the tech at the Genius Bar listen to it with no background noise. If your fan is loud at the normal 1800 RPM speed, then there's something wrong with it. It may be loose or vibrating (wobbling) or who knows what. The machine is still under warranty and should be repaired or replaced free of charge. Speak to the manager of the store if necessary.


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    thanks for the reply. I had to move today so I can't actually go back to the place where I bought it =( I'm going to have to go to another repair shop I think and hope they can do something

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