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    Kingston Ram for ibook
    Does Kingston make only one type of SODIMM ram? I am located in Canada but noticed the better value available across the border but was wondering if kingston ram is apple compatible across the board. The ram that i am looking @ looks like the same one available here but it doesn't specifiy if it's apple compatible. Anything to look out for in the specs that would be relevant?

    Thanks a bunch!!


    i am uprading my ram to 768 total but was wondering if i will really benefit maxing it out at 1 gig. i am not a photoshop or multimedia intensive but was wondering if it would help in the speed of applications.

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    I just got my iBook yesterday, and installed a Kingston 512 mg "value ram" chip in. it. So far it works great.

    I'm brand new to the Mac world, and having great fun!


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    Kingston makes good stuff, as long as it is the correct specs, there is no reason it shouldn't work. I believe the iBooks require SODIMM PC2100 CL3

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    Cl 2,5!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aptmunich
    Cl 2,5!!!
    You are correct, I should know that, I already have a stick sitting here waiting for if I buy an iBook.

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