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    problem with MacBook Pro
    hey, i got a macbook pro, and even though the problem i got with it maybe shouldnt be in this forum i jus think that maybe it could be a problem specifically with macbooks.

    my problem is that i needed to install windows on my laptop in order to run a cad program that i need for university.

    so i ran bootcamp, split my harddrive and put my windows xp disk in, the disc starts up, but then it comes to a point were u need to press enter to start the instalation, and for some reason my keyboard stops workin at exactly this point. ive tried it like 6 times now and errytime, my keyboard will stop workin when the windows xp disk is in. what should i do, cause i know people dat have done this successfully with a mac, but theyve been using desktop machines not laptops.

    any help would be much appreciated.

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    Are you using BootCamp 2.0 and are you sure your using a Service Pack 2 XP Install disc? Bootcamp 2.0 has updated keyboard support, and you'll run into all sorts of issues if you try to load a version of XP that doesn't have SP2.

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    well my version of xp is really really old, like im talkin about 6 yrs old or sumthin like i got it when xp first came out so thats probly my problem i think thanks

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