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    Mixed opinions - keyboard marking screen - new Al 15" PB
    Hello everyone,

    I've been reading various mac forums to get to know macs better.

    I've noticed this thing about the keyboard of the PB marking the screen, hence all sorts of protectors from commercial ones to silk.

    I've noticed some of them have referred to the Ti PB but some others make no distinction (ie. they just say PB so I can't tell which one).

    I was hoping if you could tell me if the new Al PB have this problem so I can invest in a protector.

    Thanks heaps everyone.

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    I think it's only for the paranoid or those with greasy fingers. I bought one of those cloths but often forget to use it, and really I don't have any problems that aren't unrelated and my own fault... such as sneezing And it's always easy to clean, just paper with water as it says in the manual, or a microfiber cloth with isopropyl alcohol if you want to be fancy.

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    Yeah, I agree with Cloudane. I have a 12", and my screen has never marked. In fact, when I close the PowerBook and look between the screen and the keyboard, I can easily see 2-3mm of space between them. So unless you love shutting your screen really hard (I shut mine VERY hard once and it left some faint marks, which were easily cleaned), you don't really need a screen-cleaning product.

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    I'll just use my camera lens cleaning cloth to cleaning the occassional blemish but as you say, I won't be too bother about etching from the keyboard.

    Thanks heaps.



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