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Thread: ram latency...?

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    Question ram latency...?
    Hi, i'm looking into more ram for my 1.33 GHz powerbook... i'm a little confused about the 'latency' number i see for ram. does it matter what latency my ram has, will there be a performance difference between higher and lower, etc.?


    - eelooguy

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    I don't know how it works on a Mac but if you stick lower latency ram in a system that isn't setup to use it, it won't help at all. On a PC you can set the ram timing in the bios, I don't know enough about macs to know how to adjust for the lower ram latency. I would just stick with what Apple says to get.

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    Go to Crucial to find out what type of memory you need. After that you can purchase from what ever vendor you chose.
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