Due to various problems, I tried to do a complete reinstall on my MacBook. I was unable to complete installation and upon examining disc 2, I noticed that it was badly damaged. So I took the computer to the Mac authorized repair place here in Paris and they inserted their disc 2 to finish the installation. However the pop up said to begin again. I left the computer at the shop and went back several days later only to be told that they haven't figured out why they can't finish the installation. I am wondering if they need to start a fresh installation with disc 1 or perhaps they have done that.

The other thing is is that I noticed on the paper that they gave me it says that this problem isn't coved by Applecare. Does anyone know anything about this?

Third problem, if they do get it up and running, how can I get a replacement for disc 2 that works with my disk 1. Do I have to buy it or will Applecare take care of it.

I might mention that this is the second time in a month that I have had to take my computer in for repairs. The first time they replaced my hard drive. Is it possible they gave me a rebuilt hard drive?

This is my third Mac and the first one that I have had problems with.

Thank you for reading this and hope you can help me.