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    iBook G4 12" - 1 GHZ Hardware into 1.33 GHZ system?
    Ok basicly I have a perfectly fine working 1 GHZ ibook and a friend of mine had a 1.33 and they dropped it the screen smashed and it would'nt work in Target mode.

    So I took both ibooks apart and I tried the 1.33 hardrive in the 1GHZ and it would not work, the 1 ghz wouldnt even recognize the harddrive I think the harddrive may be totally gone as well but I dont know about the rest of the parts..

    I was wondering if i could take my 1 GHZ screen and put it on the 1.33 GHZ system and take my 1 GHZ hardrive and place that into 1.33 system?

    Thank you.

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    Should work, check for more information on the hardware differences.

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