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    More than Hard Drive Failure
    I Recently had a problem with my hard drive in my PowerBook G4 and I have just received a new HD. But days before when I started my powerbook it would at least show it was functioning.Now when I installed my hard drive the computer would not function. I tested the other HD's to see if it was just that one but nothing happens with any HD.

    Here are the problems.

    Display will not turn on

    Computer's keyboard and disk drive functions but disk drive won't let me eject

    Only way to shutdown is when I hold the power button or pull all the power.

    I have already tried:

    Resetting the PRAM

    Making sure every thing was connected

    I also have taken out a stick or ram but I have 2.

    Please help me if you have experienced this or know how to solve this problem


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    Try reseting the PMU.
    And if you can, the Apple Hardware test.
    When all else fails, try everything!
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