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    best brand of ram and where to buy in toronto..

    I am a recent switcher to the Mac world courtesy of my friend who LOVES macs and convinced me to join the "other side". Anyways I have a 12 inch 1.2 mhz ibook g4 coming to me this week and need to know where to get ram for a great price in canada (toronto/gta area). i am strongly considering maxing out the ram as it would be a wise investment long term but the minimum would be adding an additional 512mb to go with the 256mb included. the question i have is in order to max it out @ 1024mb, does the factory included ram have to come out as well? secondly, are there any ram manufacturers to avoid? Please feel free to share your knowledge with me as well as offer any good tips for a newbie like myself.


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    as far as i know, or at least with my ibook. that 256 for yours (128 for mine, since i have the earlier gen ibooks) is built into the motherboard, so you can't take it out

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    the new ibooks max out at 1.25GB (256MB on board) and a 1GB stick of RAM.

    as for where to get it, I live in roughly the same area, but just bought it from not the cheapest prices for RAM, but its reliable.

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