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    Insuring a Powerbook (UK)

    I'm planning on buying a 12" Powerbook and was wondering if anyone here from the UK has insured a Powerbook against theft and damage? If so, how much did it cost and who do i need to contact for this?



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    If you have your own home or even living with parents/partner etc, the contents insurance should cover it. My parents' deal with Alliance and Leicester did anyway when my Powerbook was lifted from work. Definitely check though, not all of them will insure something if it's taken out of the house.

    Otherwise if you buy one from PC World and get their (expensive) PC Protection plan, I believe that covers theft under certain circumstances.

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    I had insurance from Endsleigh which covered my room and its contents. My laptop was insured in that plan. The laptop insurance covered theft all over the Uk and 30 days outside the UK. its cost me about a 100 quid for a year.

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