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    Angry powerbook taking so long to be returned from repair
    I had several issues, the line across the screen, problems with backlit keyboard/sleep. I sent it in two weeks ago. It was a logic board problem, they needed the part so I still haven't gotten it back, and I dont think they have gotten the part in yet. Anybody hear of it taking this long? I call and just keep getting things like it is awaiting the part, etc. so frustrated

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    At least they are taking the time to make it right. Hopefully it will work perfectly when it returns.

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    mine only took 5 days to leave get fixed and come back

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    Mine took 3 days. But that's only cuz they had the parts readily available. And it only went to texas. But yah, the parts they mite need to replace is possibly on back order which has happened from time to time. And they might have found another problem that need to be tended to. HTH..

    PowerBook G4. iLove it.

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