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    So I want to get some speakers. I posted a while back asking about the JBL creatures. I got some mixed reviews. Then I was thinking about this logitech set thats 5.1. Does the powerbook have the capabilities for 5.1? Like will it sound better like surround sound? Lastly, reccomendations? THe jbls are less now like 70.00. If i get the jbls which color to best match powerbook. Thanks

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    if i am not mistaken, the 5.1 surround effect will not work if you connect those speakers directly to the computer. you will have to buy one of those usb amp kind of things. I've seen one at the apple store and the rep there had told me that it would enable you to get 5.1 surround sound effect. I think this is right. The JBLs, as far as I can remember from the last time i heard them at my friend's place, have great sound quality but are not as loud. so if you prefer quality over loudness then go for the JBL
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    Why are you getting speakers, just out of curiosity? If you're not really going to be playing music with a whole bunch of people, I'd just go for a nice pair of Sennheiser headphones. You get better bang for your buck with headphones.

    If you're going to be commonly playing your music with a whole bunch of people, by all means go for the speakers (JBLs are the best, from my experience. Logitech is OK, but JBL has the best sound quality.)

    However, if you're only going to listen to music by yourself, I reccommend a nice pair of Sennheiser headphones. I've got a pair of HD 570s ($200 CAN, not quite in your price range since you're looking at $70-100), and they sound AMAZING! I don't think I could get a pair of computer speakers that would match these in terms of sound quality. They are really amazing. So if you're listening to music by yourself, get a nice pair of headphones, you won't be disappointed.


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