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    MacBook Pro or MacBook Air?

    I am new to this forum and had a question regarding the macbook pro and the mac air. Which one is better? Which one gives you more "bang for your buck"? I need to know your opinions on what to get because I am planning to get one this weekend. Both laptops are nice, but I am leaning towards the mac air because it is thin and easy to carry. Money is not a matter. I am currently using a dell laptop but wanted to try something new. So I am planning to buy a new mac laptop . Please help. Thank You.

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    I would suggest doing a bit of research on machine specs, Apple's website is a good place to start.

    The MBP and MBA are really two different animals - it all depends on what you will use it for. The MBA is more portable, but sacrifices storage space, CPU power and a few other items (like having a removable battery and an internal CD/DVD drive).

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    jsgreen is right they are two very different machines.

    Personally i would go for the macbook pro. but that is because it suits my needs better.

    If you are doing simple tasks such as web-surfing, word processing, email the air will do those fine. if you are looking for the ability to do things like video editing, picturing editing then you will probably want to look at the pro. their is no doubt that the air is smaller and lighter and thus probably easier to take with you if you travel alot.

    let us know what you decide.

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    if you need portability = macbook air

    if you need power = macbook pro

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    I personally wouldn't even consider MBA. If you want small and portable, get regular MB. It isnt much larger, it costs less, and is faster. Also, less issues as all the kinks have been worked out. If you want power get MBP. The 15" isn't that large if you just carry your laptop around the house or just go from place to place. Not neccessarily great for travelling a LOT but, you know.
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    Unless the most critical factor to you is size/weight I cant recommend the MBA.
    If you would like a good everyday use computer I would recommend the MB.
    If you are a power user who needs the best performance I would recommend the MBP.

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    I'd personally get a standard MacBook long before I'd get an MBA, just for the sheer fact that I require an internal drive, being able to install more RAM is also a plus and well, the largest storage unit for the Air so far is a 64Gb solid state drive. why limit yourself to that when you can get notebook hard drives up to and past 250Gb nowadays, for a lot less than the SSD in the Air, just my $0.02
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    You specifically said bang for your buck. MBP it is.

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    get the macbook pro- its so much better than Macbook Air- i reckon the air was made to impress the windows users
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    Quote Originally Posted by ai1080 View Post
    ...had a question regarding the macbook pro and the mac air. Which one is better? Which one gives you more "bang for your buck"?
    First of all they are two different machines:
    MacBook Pro = Power
    MacBook Air = Portability

    As I read correctly, you want something with speed, a DVD-Writer, fast Graphics Card and weight is not a problem for you... I would say go for Pro
    But you should see the specs for yourself

    Quote Originally Posted by Aubie16 View Post
    if you need portability = macbook air

    if you need power = macbook pro
    Like he said ;-)

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    I would sacrifice MBA's portability for the MBP's functionality and power. The MBA is a very nice notebook, but it's not as powerful as the MBP plus it costs much more. The MBP is not that big compared to other 15" notebooks on the market, so it's kind of portable!

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    with the pro, it's hard to get portability with a minimum of 15" screen. Of the two, I would recommend the air, but overall, I would recommend the MacBook. It's the same footprint as the air, but more powerful, and at the cost of a bit of weight.

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