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    Talking Keyboard Lock???
    just wondering if the ibook 12" has one
    i no that people complain as the thumb hovers of there laptop when typing on laptops just wondering if theres a solution to this on the
    12" ibook 1.2GHz


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    Go to the keyboard and mouse preferences in system preferences and check the box to disable trackpad when typing
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    I think you are both referring to the trackpad?

    The keyboard is the one with the letters that you use to type with.
    The trackpad is the mouse-like device that you always hit with your thumb, causing your cursor to jump to a different paragraph...

    The option in system preferences is called 'ignore accidental trackpad input' and works most of the time...

    But it doesn't always ignore all accidental input, so the problem with your thumbs can still occur.

    I've adapted my typing style a bit and don't spread my thumbs as much anymore so they don't hover over the trackpad.

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