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    The mac 13
    400mhz pb
    im gonna buy a titanium pb, g4 400mhz 256mb ram very soon:mac: ,(an iMac this dec!!!:mac: ) but the only thing that worry me is its 400mhz processor.. to me, this is kind of slow.. ok ppc's 400mhz processor, when converted to pentium's speed, what is it? im gonna run dreamweaver, photoshop, messenger, opera(or firefox or safari, depending which one is better) some word, and just normal apps.. will all this app run smoothly and perfectly on the 400mhz processor? i read somewhere about the pb's(titanium) review, comparing the 400mhz and the 500, you can feel d difference when u use the 500mhz over 400mhz.. im gonna upgrade the ram either to 384mb or 512mb, not quite sure, will that help?

    HELP! clear my doubts abt my fear of slow cpu speed! neye:

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    The mac 13
    oh well..checked its "pentium" speed.. its ard its ok..faster than the wintel 700mhz machine im using now..

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    400mhz is NOT slow on a G4. My 1.33GHz 12" PowerBook easily overtakes my 2GHz Pentium 4, and I wouldn't be surprised at all if it was speedier than a 2.5GHz Pentium 4.

    The PowerPC chip architecture is different than Intel's chip architechture, Macs are commonly known to overtake PCs with twice the MHz rating.

    Don't worry, your PowerBook is going to be quite speedy . I'd up the RAM to 512MB, OS X works best with that amount or above.

    Good luck!

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