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    PB not waking from sleep?
    Last night I closed the lid on my powerbook, then walked to another room with it, opened the lid and it wouldn't wake from its sleep. The sleep light was off and I couldn't even get it to turn back on with the power button. Of course Apple's pathetic help line wasn't on so I had no one to help me. About 15min later I got it to turn on w/ the power button. Anyone know why this happened or what I could do if it happens in the future? I didn't slam the lid or anything.

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    Hi, i had the same thing happen to me. I took out the battery ( after fully charged) and unplugged the power, only this helped. I think maybe it was because I had a cd (cd-r) still inside and maybe this caused a clash. Anyone else have any idea if this is the cause?

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    Well I had a regular CD I had put in the drive a few min prior but I didn't close it while it was still being read and spinning...

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    When you closed it did you wait for it to go to sleep all the way before you opened it again? Sometimes, depending on what programs and activity the powerbook has recently seen, it takes a few moments to fall asleep. Other times it will go to sleep almost instantly. In my experiences, if you close the display and open it again before the computer has actually gone to sleep, you will experience similar problems to yours. However, the few times it's happened to me, I just close the display, wait for it to go to sleep and then open it and it wakes and everything is fine.
    You didn't mention how long you had the display closed, either... was it a few seconds, minutes?

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    I have heard about problems if you don't allow it to fully go to sleep. I closed the lid, got up and walked out of the room then sat down at a desk down the hall when I opened it. I don't think what you said about closing it again and letting it sleep would work because the sleep light wouldn't come on even when I had it closed for an extended period of time.

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    Just had the same problem here... in my case I think it was the order in which things were plugged in. With the lid still closed, I attached a USB hub with mouse/keyboard first then a CRT with the adapter. Looks as if the mouse woke it up at the same time I was plugging the display in, now it's functional - caps lock lights up etc - but no display!

    Tried plugging and unplugging the CRT adapter, closing the lid for a few minutes, opening it again etc... doesn't seem to want to know. Ctrl-cmd-power was the only way out of it. Happened a few times now.. annoying!

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