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    PowerBook Sleep USB issues
    I have the 17in 1.33 PowerBook and I have a 9x12 Wacom tablet. If I let the computer go to sleep, or put it to sleep. after it wakes up the usb port I am using will die, no power, nothing. If I switch to the other usb port it works again. but same deal when the computer goes to sleep, after I wake it up the usb port goes dead. It doesn't matter which port I use first, they both die after wake up, until I reboot. After reboot they work fine.

    I left the machine on overnight with it set not to go to sleep, just the monitor and hard drive went to sleep. and the ports were fine this morning everything workes great.

    So after the machine wakes from sleep if you have anything pluged into the usb ports they will soon die. (the same thing happens with a mac mouse or keyboard).

    Anyone have this problem? or know a cure...

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    no one has ever seen this?

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    Nope, that's not supposed to happen. In fact, the system is designed so that any USB activity (like a mouse) will wake up the Mac. I have to unplug my optical mouse before putting my Powerbook to sleep or else it will wake up and fall asleep again, over and over, indefinitely.
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    U know what. I have a g4 tower and I have somewhat of the same problem. I'll turn on my Mac and the mouse won't move at all. I have my mouse hooked up to the keyboard. I'll press the tab key on the keyboard and still nothing. I also have to unplug the usb cord and plug it into the other usb port and then it will work. Anybody have any suggestions.

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    Nope, I am still waiting for a good time to send my powerbook in for repair. The geeks at the apple store have no clue so it must be a hardware issue.

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    emac usb sleep
    I have an emac which has problems with the USB ports. I only have the keyboard and a mouse plugged into the ports, sometimes after only a few minutes after start up or sometimes after an hour of use the keyboard or the mouse goes to sleep. If I unplug them and move them to other ports they start working again but only for a short time, then I have to switch them all around again.

    I have found no answers to why this happens, apparently there is an update for the usb driver but I have had no luck finding it, any suggestions would be a great help.


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