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Thread: Trash trouble

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    Trash trouble
    I recently ran in to some trouble on my MacBook.

    I was copying some files from another harddisk, and when i moved them to my trash I was unable to empty the trash because it said "it couldn't get access to certain files as they were locked" .. I found out how to unlock them, or so i thought. For some reason i couldn't erase the tick in the little box that says "Lock". I also tried moving the file back to the other harddisk which didn't work either as it just took a copy of the original file, and left it in the trash.. So I have no idea what to do now.. It's annoying having 600MB of useless junk taking up space by just being in my trash..

    Can anybody help me with this problem?


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    Have you tried rebooting since you moved them to the trash? That should unlock the files and you should then be able to delete them.

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    Haha yeah that worked! Thanks a lot it was driving me crazy!

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