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    New harddrive, latch and same day fix (London)

    I have a Macbook Pro C2D.

    The latch is broken, the little clips come down but the button the front has stopped working and is always pushed in.

    Also I would like to replace my hard drive with a 320gb 5400rpm.

    Does anyone recommend a place in London I can go for same day repair service and could install my drive and have a go at the latch once the case is off?. I am sure if I got the case off I could fix my latch, but would prefer to get someone to do for me - I have looked online and really do not want to kill my mac giving it a try but also do not want to give my mac back to Apple for a week or so to fix. Its also out of warranty and I did not buy extra apple care.

    Thanks for any advice.

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    You could try a Google search to see what comes up.

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    wicked idea! No idea why I did not think of that! The idea of my post was to get some personal experience from someone in London that also tried to do this! Google just lists loads of companies with no real knowledge of what is good or bad!

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