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    Air Travel
    Airport Extreme... Can I make it so it doesn't check for it automaticaly upon start up? Because I fear this may cause some problems if I happen to be using my PB on an airplane

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    Just switch the card off.

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    Ah... Okay, so do I just switch it off before I get on the plane? Thanks!

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    Right, up in the menu bar (on the right side) you should see the airport icon (like a wedge of cheese)

    Click this and make sure your airport status isff

    I'd always leave it at this setting unless you need to use airport as you'll save battery life...

    And yes just switch it off before you get on the plane.

    Have a safe flight!

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    You don't have to turn it off, wireless networking is fine on planes. In fact, if you fly Lufthansa and they provide you with a wireless broadband connection to use.
    Their site for more information:,00.html

    They've made this cute picture with an Apple mouse!

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