Hi Guys,

Few months ago I riskily plugged in a pair of headphones (decent ones) to my 15" 1ghz Powerbook g4 alu, and immediatley the trackpad, trackpad button and under-keyboard lighting stopped working!

Literally the day after, the hard drive failed and I had to get it replaced. Its got a new disk, new copy of Tiger, but still the trackpad is dead. I've reset the p-ram etc and all that, but to no avail.

I took it open back home and found what I can only call a burn mark on the orange cable running to the trackpad. It didn't look like it had cut through it, but I've just got round to ordering a replacement upper case - maybe that'll fix it? If not, look for a new upper case going on ebay soon!

Anyway, I just wandered if you think this may be the fix? The power button still works, as do the speakers, its just the trackpad + button and the underkeyboard lighting. Trackpad doesn't show up in mouse options at all, although it seems to recognise there is under key lighting - just doesn't work.

Any other ideas? I have this bad feeling in the back of my mind that I shorted the logic board or something, but I'm still hoping for it being the cable!

Any advice? I can't see much on the net about it!


Weeksy (UK)