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Thread: Volume Keys not responding.

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    Volume Keys not responding.
    Every time I try and change my volume it won't go anywhere. If i hit the F4 and F5 volume keys, it just shows the computer at full volume with a little circle and line through it underneath. When I have speakers plugged in they volume buttons work fine but without them in I can't change my volume under system preferences or with the volume buttons. Any ideas?

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    Try using one of those compressed air cans to spray air into your headphone jack. It's probably dirty/dusty inside.
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    Switching from external to internal speakers will effect your audio output and volume controls. You need to change it in your audio setup..

    applications/utilities/audio midi setup/built in output

    your default audio output and properties are probably (aggregated) just change it back to Built-in output and all should be fine!

    hope this helps!

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    Having the same problem
    I'm having the same issue that someone listed in this thread. I haven't been using any headphones on my computer lately, or plugged in external speakers. I just turned my MacBook Pro on this morning and was unable to adjust the volume; the exact same thing happens to me as listed above. I went to system preferences and all the options for changing sounds are faded - I am somehow locked out of making any adjustments. Ideas? Thanks!

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    Let's try to reset the PRAM / NVRAM. Follow the instructions in this Apple KB article and post back results.

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    Thank you, that worked!

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