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    Full Restore on my PB
    I was wondering how the restore cd's work on a Mac, cos ive never used them. Do they format the HD and reinstall a completely new version of OS X just like from the box? And is it bad for the computer to restore it? Some people say its bad to format your HD and some ppl say otherwise. Can someone help me out on this? Thanks.

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    The restore CD has two different options

    Archive and Install
    Erase and Install

    Archive and install creates an archive of your current OSX so that you don't lose everything when you install the fresh copy

    Erase and Install formats your hard drive and installs OS X back to the way it is when you first bought your computer. This is the choice I recommend. There is nothing wrong at all with formatting your hard drive, since you are starting fresh you will be getting the best performance out of the computer with the clean disk
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    Ok thanks, i guess il erase and format some time soon :teen:

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