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Thread: Perplexed by Hard Drive issues with my iBook G4, B-tree?Diskwarrior?Hard drive?Ideas?

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    Lightbulb Perplexed by Hard Drive issues with my iBook G4, B-tree?Diskwarrior?Hard drive?Ideas?
    Hello all,

    I currently own an Ibook g4 14" with a 1.33 processor. I have the combo-drive and I have upgraded the ram from 256 to 768. A few months ago I started hearing the famous clicking in my hard drive. I backed up all my information onto one of my i-pods (rendering my i-pod useless) and then kept on trying to finish the 15-page research paper I was working on. My ibook relentlesslely spun it's beachball until it would freeze causing me to have to do a hard-restart and try again later. Finally we both gave up (me and the hard drive) I got married and a month or two later worked up the guts to replace the hard drive. I bought a new hard drive with all the right specs. A 160 gig travelstar ( I know "deathstar") and extremely meticulously replaced my old 60 gig. I went through the whole process of formatting it, I did this with a tiger disk and not the orignial panther disk that came with the computer (not sure if this matters, other than the fact that I no longer had ilife). Within a week or so I noticed a new but similar sound in my new but similar hard drive. So yeah, it would eventually spin the beach ball of the knowledge of good and evil then freeze and need to be restarted. I would verify the disk and every time there would be some widgetlibrary that had been named wrong. Every once in a while verification would find other details and easily fix them. Whenever I tried to repair the disk, it told me that it was fine and didn't need to be repaired. Then one day (about a month after the new hard drive had been installed) my computer started up with the folder and word/globe on it, which turned into the question-mark on the folder. So I booted it from the tiger start-up disk and found that there were problems in the b-tree among other things ( I can get details) and that the disk failed to mount and what not. Basically, disk-utility can't fit it, because it if could then the apple store couldn't charge me an arm and a leg to replace my brand-new hard drive. Anyways, does anyone have any suggestions for fixing this problem? I am open to just about anything. Is my logic-board going bad? Why did my hard-drive keep writing bad content? Do I have a virus? Is the death-star really dead? SOMEONE PLEASE. So in frustration I bought a new Imac, with applecare. In a week or so I will have that and I will be able to use it to aide me in repairing my ibook if neccessary. Can I fix my ibook for free? Is this a hard-ware problem or a soft-ware problem? How can I save all the information (that by the way is no longer on my ipod)? You know you are all excited about helping me in my quest.


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    Ok so here is what it said when I ran repair disk on disk utility.

    Verify and Repair disk "Macintosh HD"
    checking HFS Plus volume.
    checking extents overflow file
    checking catalog file.
    Keys out of order
    Re-building Catalog B-tree
    The Volume Macintosh could not be repaired

    Error: The underlying task reported failure on exit

    1 HFS volume checked
    1 volume could not be repaired because of an error
    Repair attempted on 1 volume
    1 volume could not be repaired

    What do you think? (my mac didn't say this)

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    A few things to try.

    There was a recall on iBooks awhile back for logic boards. Check the ranges of serial numbers to see if you've got one of the problem machines.

    And if you want to invest in a good repair/data recovery program...
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    I am pretty sure the logic board program ended last summer didn't it?

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    So perform the Apple Hardware Test in order to determine whether this is a software issure or a hardware issue and then use a repair program to fix it. I am thinking about Techtools pro, as opposed to Disk Warrior. Any suggestions? Does anyone know if it is possible to fix this problem without forking out more $? Does this seem like a logic board problem to anyone? Could it be bad ram? I guess the AHT will tell me eh? Thanks.

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