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    Can't Delete a Location, PLEASE HELP
    So i have several locations and i need to get rid of two of them because there are no longer wireless at these spots. I can not however seem to delete them. When I go Apple Menu>Location>Network Preferences> when I hit Location drop down menu and hit "edit locations" it brings up a screen where I can duplicate, rename, delete... Well when i delete the two Locations I want to remove then hit done, everything is fine then i hite apply now on the network window and my powerbook just sits there withe the spinning pinwheel of color forever. it doesnt do anything, I have to force quit the system preferences thing to get it out of the spinny pinwheel of color thing.

    Anyways, anyone have suggestions?


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    OK quick update.... I made a new user, quick switched to that user account and was able to remove the location from that account w/o any issues. If you know what can cause my admin(main user) account to get corrupted like that to the point where i cant remove the locations from it please let me know. Im thinkin something in a preferece file...
    however im too much of a mac noob to know for sure.

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