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Thread: RAM for an iBook (800Mhz)

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    RAM for an iBook (800Mhz)

    okey, a girl from my school class purchased an iBook.
    it's the one with a 12.1" and 30GigHDD and 800Mhz G3.

    okey, this one got only 128mb ram.

    now, i want to buy a 512mb.

    but im not sure, that it works.
    in the spec stands only "3.3V"

    okey, can somebody confirm, that this ram works with that iBook??

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    ibook late 2002 - looks like its your model.
    says RAM Type: PC100 SO-DIMM
    Minimum RAM Speed: 100 MHz

    I'm not an expert on ram but i'm guessing you'll be needing PC100 SoDimm and all those you linked to were higher than that -though ofcourse it does say mininum ram speed 100mhz.

    above is link to crucials page with recommendations for the ibook g3 800mhz - i'm reasonably sure they will have right information on what ram you need, and here are their recommendations (though that is with their RAM).

    These 144-pin SODIMM modules are compatible with your system.
    512MB CT272353 SDRAM, PC133 CL=3 Non-parity US $119.99 (each)
    256MB CT325723 SDRAM, PC133 CL=2 Non-parity US $69.99 (each)
    128MB CT407465 SDRAM, PC133 CL=2 Non-parity US $51.99 (each)

    Obviously crucial are more expensive but they are reliable and good quality with life time guarantee; it isn't very smart to skimp on RAM, better to go for the quality because cheapo RAM problems get very frustrating when you know they could have been avoided by spending that bit extra.

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