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    So I got my powerbook last October. Oct. 03, 2003 to be exact. Anyhow, my computer dies around March-ish. Took it into the apple store, and so they sent to Apple and my processor was replaced in a week. Not bad. Anyhow, soon after I got my powebook back battery life sucked. Probably whatever type of short that took out my processor also effected my battery. Anyhow, so I call apple. They told me they couldn't do anything. So I just lived with it. Then one day I go into apple store just because.. and I was talking to one of the dudes there and he said a battery is a consumable however it is possible to get it replaced. Only if I bought apple care. So I bought apple care. This year on Sept. 30, 2004. But yah, I call applecare.. tell them my situation. Nothing.. they said sorry. Go buy another battery. Grr.. so i called the apple store and talked to the same dude. He told me to call apple care back. So i did, and same story. Go buy another battery. Anyhow, I get really frustrated go to the apple store myself. Which was last weekend. And well he says to keep calling. And well today I got some dude, who tells me that I actually could've gotten my battery replaced if I had called earlier. Because It would be covered under applecare. WTF!!! I'm one week off. They say... go buy another battery. :mad:
    anything else i can do?

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    i had a big problem with my battery a couple months back...withing the first year warrenty my battery one day went bonkers ...same thing i called apple and they gave me that run around...go buy a new battery, and at 130$ a battery..i was quite upset...
    i then took it to my local apple rep and explained the issue i had with them with no questions asked the ordered me a new battery and also replaced my dvd burner cuase i had had a couple issues with it..2 days later fresh new battery showed up, then 2 weeks later my charger caught on fire...called apple and they gave me the same run around again...go buy a new one...that really frustrated me ... the friggen thing caught on fire... so i went a step up and asked for a supervisor and they sent me out a new one...keep fighting it you should be able to get a new battery

    also not sure how you bought your's but the guy at the apple store told me that if i had bought my powerbook under a educational package they would give you a new battery.

    keep fighting they should give you one, if the guy at the store says that you can get a battery simply by calling apple care then have him work for his money and get him to call for you...that way you can shut him up...or make him give you one... the cost for a supplier is probably like 50$....

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    Quote Originally Posted by EYPUFF
    And well today I got some dude, who tells me that I actually could've gotten my battery replaced if I had called earlier. Because It would be covered under applecare. EY
    You have called Apple three times if I have the count right. There should be a record of each call.

    bring to their attention, that you were told if you had called earlier your battery would have been replace. Then bring to their attention that you called three times earlier. If you have the dates and times, give it to them.

    Hopefully you will get a better support person this time, and they will resolve your problem.
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    One day I saw on the Apple site that thereīs a replacement program for faulty batteries which makes the computer very hot. My computer got REALLY hot, but the program didnīt apply for my battery, so as I live in China I called the Apple care in Beijing. He told me to go and buy COOLPADS, LOL! TIC (this is china)!
    Thanks to forums like this and great people in them, Iīve managed to solve the problem and now itīs only a little warm.
    Cheers, Maju

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