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    Well, unfortunately today my hard drive failed and starting getting the folder/question mark problem. So, I am looking to buy a good replacement HD that isn't going to be loud or crap out on me. I initially was looking at the WD Scorpio 250, but I saw quite a few complaints from Macbook users saying that the drive sometimes clicks and fails within a week or so (SMART error - not sure what that is). So, what do you guys suggest as a good replacement HD? I don't necessarily need 250 GB, but I will like to purchase something that has a good amount more space than my current 60 GB drive. Thanks for any help!

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    I can't give a specific brand (although I did just swap out my wife's PB drive with a new Samsung 80gig... she doesn't need the space), but spend the few extra dollars on rpm. I would never again go below 5400rpm and would much rather have a 7200rpm drive. The Samsung I swapped into the PB was bought by an Apple reseller so I knew it would be compatible. Check out for a few drive choices too.

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    I work in the HDD industry and would recommend the Seagate Momentus 7200. There are several models with varying capacity. I would go for the 200GB model. It runs at 7200 rpm and has great access time. It's also been around for a bit and is a known performer. Samsung is an up and comer in this market and have just released a 500GB model. These higher end models will cost a bit more but you get what you pay for. Good Luck

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