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    Panasonic HDTV with no Picture?

    I just bought a Mac Mini. When I first hooked up (My Mini 1.42 G5)via DVI to HDMI) to my Panasonic TH-50PX60U (50" Plasma) there was a great picture. I opened up the system preferences/display and clicked on something mistakenly. it must have been resolution... The picture went blank.

    I hooked up a Dell 15" LCD to turn the resolution back to what I was or hit "cancel" or something but there was nothing I could do it was changed. After switching back and forth (from the HDTV and LCD) for 30 minutes changing resolutions with no success I came here knowing this must be common and I'm just like all other new mac users.

    Please Help!

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    There shouldn't be any issue. The mini should detect the display and choose the correct resolution automatically.
    I assume you've powered down the mini and powered it up with the TV attached?
    Don't keep switching between the two displays.
    What's the rez. of you TV?

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