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Thread: Power mac G4 keeps rebooting when switched off?

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    Power mac G4 keeps rebooting when switched off?

    I have an old dual 400 Graphite Powermac g4 which has recently started rebooting when switched off after I moved the computer into another room so I am not sure if I have dislodged something inside when moving it but I can not see anything obvious inside the case.

    As I say it reboots by itself when switched off but I cant figure out why it is doing this?

    it is running OSX 10.4 and about the same time that it started rebooting it kept asking me to set the date and time when it started up.

    Any ideas would be appreciated!



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    The message to adjust date and time may well be the sign the internal battery needs replacement and a PMU startup is required following that which may elimiante the auto startiup problems.

    Here is a link:-

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    Agreed with Harry. PRAM Battery dead. That is the Time/Date issue and probably the rebooting issue. Do what Harry suggested. You can get PRAM battery's cheep on Ebay. There are other stores online that sell them and Radio Shack does also but they are not cheep there.

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    RE: rebooting issue
    Thanks guys I will try what you have suggested

    Thanks again


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