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    Question Extra Internal Hardrive for G5
    Im looking to install a second internal hardrive into my G5 1.6GHz but im not too sure wot is the best to use? I've been told i can use any SERIAL ATA hard drive. Is this true?? Any info and recommendations of which ATA is best would be most appreciated!!! Cheers :confused:

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    Get a Western Digital Raptor 74GB....10,000RPM, 8MB cache of goodness!

    It's the fastest desktop drive you can buy. It screems on my system.!!

    If you don't have a SATA controller, I'm not sure if your model of G5 does, get the Sonnet Tempo....the best card for a mac!

    I hope that helps!

    Brett :cool:

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    All G5s, including the new iMac, have Serial ATA Harddisks. The Raptor is pretty fast, but also quite expensive, compared to it's capacity...
    A 7200rpm drive will do fine, and you'll get more than the double of the Raptor's capacity, for the same price.

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    Thanks guys that gives me more confidence now for shoppin!!!!

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    I personally like Maxtor drives, but that's just me....

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