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Thread: imac 233Mhz

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    imac 233Mhz
    just bought one off a work buddy and need to know if the max RAM it can handle is 256 or 512MB. Seen both claimed but need more info. Also if the CD-ROM can be upgraded as well or just replaced.


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    That is the Bondi Blue iMac

    Maximum ram is 512mb of PC66 144 pin SO-DIMMs

    Can't upgrade the cd drive to my knowledge and it only has USB1 so not sure what you can do about that
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    The CD can be upgraded with a CD-RW from MCE. The original replacement model was a tray-loader 24x but now they are selling a slot-loader 24x. Try Price is about $200 US. I have used one of the tray-loaders on an iMac D for more than 3 years with no problems. Before that I used an external CD burner but with only USB1 I couldn't get a good burn above 2x.

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