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Thread: Casing coming Apart

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    Casing coming Apart
    The casing on my iMac G3, where the colour meets the white has popped out on the left side, ands a bit around the front. Just noticed it then. Its holding, just you know...

    How do I safely (no nasty CRT shock or casing cracks) pop it back in? :confused:

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    I think if you leave the iMac unplugged for 24 hours, the CRT will discharge and you can do whatever you want to it. Notice how I said *I think* so if you do it, whatever happens is not my fault, as I am not responsible for your actions...

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    I've read in other forums, if you do that, its not guarenteed that it will fully disharge. Thanks anyways.

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    It sounds like the bezel that surrounds the screen has separated a little from the rear housing. The good news is that this is not dangerous, there is an inner front panel that actually surrounds the CRT. The bad news is that this is a complicated procedure: you need to remove the lower front panel (around the speakers/ CD slot) and then remove a couple of screws to loosen the screen bezel. Then you can refit the panels together and remount the speaker panel. The best way to do it is to get an Apple take-apart manual but Apple seems to have killed those links. Try Google to find a site where you can download it. Personally, you might just try to massage it back into place. It is a snap fit and might just snap back with a little gentle manipulation.

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