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    hello all im proud to say first off that im a new MAC owner, ive been using PC for over 15 years........ Well a school my wife works for decided to sell off there old macs and get new macs.....

    i got my hands on one, its nothing fancy.

    its a power macintosh G3 266mhz i belive..

    ok so here is my problem it has something on it called AT EASE 3.0

    i dont have any of the pass words for this so i cant really use the mac becasue it boots into this AT ease 3.0, how do i get rid of it?

    can i re-format or delete the whole os and start fresh?

    BTW im running mac os 8.6

    well thanks for any help you all have


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    Try this Apple tech note: Otherwise you can reformat and reinstall everything (without At Ease) if you have the disks.

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    yea there is an admin pass word when i try to disable it it wont let me into the ATEASE set-up control...
    also when i try to bypass it, it asks me for an admin PW which i dont have....


    where can i find the os 8.6 disks?

    also can i run os X?


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    A G3/266 can run everything from Mac OS 8.1 to Mac OS X 10.2.8 Jaguar. (Maybe more if you hack it.) Originally, it came with OS 8.1 disks; if you didn't get them with the system, you'll have to find some.

    You can purchase legal copies of OS 8.5 or OS 9 from
    Upgrades from 8.5 thru 8.6 or from 9.0 thru 9.2.2 are free from Apple.

    I'd suggest OS 9 for starters; only upgrade to OS X if you have more than 256 MB of memory (Otherwise it'll be really slow.) If you do upgrade to OS X, 10.2 Jaguar would be fastest.

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    thanks alot guys

    is there no other way to get the at ease app to stop running my mac without the PW?

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    also i have DL's the updates to 8.6 from, hwo can i get them from my PC to my mac (ive tried using a CD, but my mac syas it cant find the file that made the .bin file, or somthing to that extent). what can i use to get these files to the mac also when i get it there how do i install it?

    and if i find the 8.6 os disks how do i run them with this AT EASE 3.0 crap running?

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    I bought a G3 Blue & White off of eBay that was from a school, as well, and it also had the At East software on it. I just put in a Panther CD, booted up into the CD and reformatted the Hard Drive and installed Panther. Simple as that. 8.x was cryptic as heck anyway. I LOVE Panther. lol By the way, I'm also a long-time PC user. I am now currently in the process of completely switching over to Mac.

    On another note, kind of OT, I went by a relative's house this weekend and picked up a Gigabit Ethernet G4 with Dual 450MHz Processors. So, I'm a happy camper. :p lol

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    As someone said, you can run OS X upto OS 10.2.8 Jaguar, you COULD probably run Panther with XPOSTFACTO. There are a few nitchy things you have to be careful of though.

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