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Thread: PowerMac G5 Bluetooth...

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    PowerMac G5 Bluetooth...

    I bought a G5 while just under 2 months ago, but didn't add the bluetooth to it when ordering. Now I want it but can not find where I can buy the one Apple install into all their machines.

    Does anyone know where I can order the module Apple use in their machines?


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    You cant get the internal one installed. Its a one time deal and you would have had to get your system built to order with it. The ONLY way now is to get a dongle for the USB port.

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    if it's a G5 - then a USB bluetooth won't be that bad - would it? I mean, a powerbook or ibook the bluetooth sort of needs to be installed since there are all of 2 USB ports...

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    No it's not that bad I just wanted it inside

    Will have to order one now then.

    Cheers guys!


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    Well, actually, the bluetooth option, just like the 56k modem, is a little module mounted on the motherboard, which easily can be added. Problem is that Apple doesn't sell it as a seperate add-on.
    But I think that, if you can get the part number of that module, it's possible to order it at an Apple dealer, as a spare part.

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