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    Think Im goin For it!
    Well this is the week. I think i will be going to the apple store to purchase the beautiful 23' monitor with my graduation money. hmm Anyone have any other advice or recommendations on these displays. I would love to know anything. Im still kinda uneased about the the price haha So any positive or negative feedback would be a great help! Thanks you o so much!

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    the old model is $200 less the the new metal one..

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    yea good point.. i get the student discout so the new style comes out to 1700. so thats pretty cool but still gotta pay tax and stuff.. hmm

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    the old model is $200 less the the new metal one..
    It says the session has timed out... Do you mean the old white LCD ones? Do you know where I could find those? I can't find them anywhere on the Apple store site!

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    The link you gave us "has expired"

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