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Thread: Hp 1100d on G4

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    Hp 1100d on G4

    have an 1100d hp printer with latest hp drivers and a G4 with 1gb memory and latest os x 10.3.5

    when trying to print more than two pages on the printer, it will pauses for about 3-5 minutes and then just chuck out th epage it was printing and the printer goes off line.

    any suggestions? or suggestions for a replacement ?


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    Hey Deno,

    Lots of HP drivers suck on Apple. I have HP printer that prints fine on my laptop (Windows) and says i'm low on ink with my Mac running 10.3.

    Don't give up though. Ring Apple, but if all else fails, replace it. I dunno bout replacement. Try "Other Mac hardware" and say what printers work best with Apple. It's not Apples fault, but HP's since they created the drivers (i think).

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    cheers for the reply, thought it was the hp drivers have now swapped it over to a canon IP4000, works a treat and have no problems with canons drivers

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