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Thread: Mouse with mind of it's own...

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    Mouse with mind of it's own...
    I just got my imac 2.8ghz 2gb 24". Everything seems to work fine. Except the mouse, I will be in the middle of doing nothing or moving the mouse and the curser drops down off the screen. Then i have to drag the curser back up to what i was doing or just bring it back up to whatever. Anything i can do to fix this?

    By the way it is a wired mouse connected to the keyboard. All brand new stuff.

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    Do you by chance have your system set up for a two monitor layout? I have mine arranged in that fashion, and even when I have my secondary monitor off, the mouse occasionally "falls off" the primary monitor screen, and I have to "retrieve" it.
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    what kind of surface are you using the mouse on? I have a white semi reflective desk and the apple mouse hates it, but if i use my logitech mouse i dont have any problems. try switching surfaces.

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    My mouse occasionally jumps around the screen for no reason. It's something the mighty mouse will do. I would suggest a different mouse if it's a problem.

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    Welcome to Mac-Forums, thbugman.

    I have a friend who when she switched to Mac, she had to use a mouse pad because the Formica pattern on her desk made her Mighty Mouse's laser sensor behave erratically. When she put the mouse pad under the MM, all was good.

    So as was already suggested, I would try a mouse pad and see if that doesn't change anything.

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