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Thread: Ram Upgrading

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    Jan 19, 2008
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    Ram Upgrading

    Just a general RAM upgrade query, Currently I have 1GB of ram, I use photoshop and other programs like that, but would like to increase the ram as they don't run quite as fast as I'd like.

    Basically, How many RAM slots does the iMac hold?? (The aluminium version)
    Secondly, to upgrade to 4GB of RAM, do I need to take out the stock 1gb ram "stick" or do I need to add 3 more 1GB "sticks"?

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    The iMac holds 2 RAM slots and to upgrade to 4GB, you should purchase 2 additional sticks of 2gb RAM to make it 2x2.
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    Jan 19, 2008
    20" Al iMac * 2.0GHz Intel
    Anyone know of good websites for RAM upgrades, with low prices?

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    Josh, I just bought the 4GB memory kit (OWC53IM2DDR4GBK) from OWC Macsales. Here is the link to the kit I bought:

    There are others like Crucial and Kingston, but they are a bit more expensive. I am sure there are others that are just as inexpensive, but OWC has been dealing in MAC hardware and accessories for a long time and have a great reputation.

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    2.53 Intel Core Duo Mac Mini; 4g RAM; 350g HD, OS 10.6.3 is a good spot. just ordered a 512 stick from there for $45, and its working fine.
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    I'm new here too. I just bought a 4gig Kingston kit from Fry's for $79.

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