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Thread: Just got the Imac G5!

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    Just got the Imac G5!
    Has anyone else gotten theirs yet? We ordered a few last Friday and I just got my 20" in! I can't stop hugging it! here are some pics.... I'm itching to take the back off and see the inside, I will try and get some pics of that if you guys are interested (with a better camera)
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    I ordered mine about 2 weeks ago.

    Where are you located. I'm in Toronto

    By the way thanks for the pics, it only make me want mine even more!!!!


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    I am in Chicago. I can't believe this thing! It's not just the normal white casing like most emacs, imacs, this thing has about a centimeter of clear plastic which makes it shine a lot. It's like a giant iPod! My next action is to get the back off and look inside this beast

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    nice take some more pics if you can.


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    The inside.....breathtaking in person let me tell you! First picture shows the 3 screws on the bottom to remove the back panel, the second picture is the back panel and hinge for the stand. The other two pictures are of the inside.
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    I just showed this off to someone in the office and they asked... "Does it run Windows XP?" As you can imagine I felt like breaking the guys nose, but he doesn't even know the difference between a printer and a phone. Harmless.

    I want to look deeper inside but it's only 2" thick so it's all pretty much right in front of you. I might take the casing off the G5 chip and heatsink 2maro to see what they did with that.

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    I got my first one today too. I am anew convert to the Mac and picked mine up from the Apple store (drove two hours one way to get this beast). I got the 17 inch monitor, and I already LOVE it!

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    congrats! it's a piece of art isn't it?

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    man im so jelous

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    I'm taking my job for granted lately, this is almost as good as being an Apple certified product reviewer!
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    Guest that a PC I see there? Why are you letting it touch that iMac?

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    Congratz yo! I checked them out at the store and believe I have seen the beginning of the revolution!

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    Im using my PC at the moment and when a Pic finishes loading XP automatically zoms out. This is where I can see the beautiful glow of that LCD! Whats the screen like? Good? Great? Unbelieviable?

    Also, if you've got some information you would want to get from those cool Powerbooks to your new iMac, follow the link within this link. It's an iMac G5 only feature.

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    Antix v5
    I just got mine from the apple store last thursday. Its my first Mac and i love it, exept the ram wtch will be fixed soon.

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    Congrats Antix v5! I got my first Mac not long ago.

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