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    Talking G3 Beige Details.

    I am wanting to buy a G3 in the next couple days to do a bit of a project on. I am a keen PC builder and have my own PC shop but I have a huge passion with apple macs also. So here is what I want to do - I want to start buying apple macs and modifying them. ie. Make new cases, upgrades and all that sort of stuff, just mainly for my own fun but I want to start off small and cheap to see how I go so I am going to start with a G3 Beige.

    So what I need to find out is where can I get details, very specific details on the machines, motherboard size and everything I can get hold of details wise.

    If anyone can help me out with this matter I would greatley appreciate it. And I look forward to showing you my first modified apple mac in the not to distant future.


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    A very good source would be LowEndMac:

    They have a very complete database of nearly every Mac ever build, including 3rd party clones, the Lisa and NeXT...

    Hope that'll help.

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    Apple has an index of developers tech info for most models at:

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