I am looking at turning my older Power PC Mac Mini into a DVR and I was looking at getting a older power mac as a storage device for my tv shows as such i would have them recorded to the mac mini and then in the down time like when i am sleeping have the info transfered to the power mac via a network setup for storage till the time that i wanted to watch it or save it to another media ( Burn it to DVD ). The Mac Mini I have is a 1.5GHz Power PC, 1GB Ram, 80 GB HD. ( I am planning on getting like a 160GB HD for the Mini ) but was looking at prices of a G4 and found (800MHz G4 256MB RAM 40GB Hard Drive CD-RW Drive ADC and VGA video ports ) for about 200.00 and was wondering if it would suite my needs after I max out the ram and HD or should i be looking at a newer G4 with dual processors. Any help you can give would be great