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    Recording Music on to a G4 from Mini Disk
    Can anyone tell me if there is a way to get music from my mini disk on to my powermac G4 please.

    The Mini disc has an optical/line in, a mic in and a headphones socket. The G4 is standard configuration.


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    Have you tried going from the headset port to your mic-in port on your mac?

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    Get iMic or Powermate from Griffin Technology (about $40) and download Final Vinyl (free) from the Griffin website. Connect the headphones output to the iMic input. You need a cable with mini-plugs at both ends. Select the iMic as input source in system preferences - sound panel. With Final Vinyl you can record and edit the sound input, including splitting the recorded track into individual tracks. Final Vinyl only works with Griffin products so don't waste your time unless you have an iMic or a Powermate.

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    Many thanks for that info. I will look at getting the imic.

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