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    Getting A Used G3
    A local Mac shop has used Macs like you wouldn't belive so I want to get a G3. I already talk to the store manager, and he can build a used G3 any way I want. Since I already have a hdd, cdrom, and ram he gave these prices for a striped down G3.

    G3 Desktop Revision B300/266mhz-$60

    G3 MiniTower Revision B 300/266mhz-$76

    G3 B&W 400/450mhz-$150

    Are these good prices? I wanted to get something for OS X just to play around with it to see how it is, right now I run a M$ free pc w/ Slackware Linux 10.0. So wich one would be best for me?

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    If you just want to play with OS X, get a G4. Mac OS X does not like the G3.

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    G4 are too exepensive just for a test of OS X besides I'm poor I couldn't get a G4 even if I wanted to. Also I've been playing w/ OS X 10.2.4 useing PearPC and my older brothers iBook wich is only 300mhz and 128mb.

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    If you can get a B&W G3 450mhz for $150 thats a damn good deal. Drop a good amount of RAM in there and it will handle OS X fine.

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    Go with the B&W, it's a good deal and the only choice for using OS X, as it is natively supported. Using OS X on one of the other G3s isn't impossible, but needs some tweaking nevertheless...
    Be sure to put in as much RAM as you can. 512MB is an ammount where OS X starts feeling comfortable

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    Perhaps you might also want to consider rainbow iMacs. The earlier 233MHz iMac can be had as little as $100, and it includes a monitor. 400MHz is around $200. It's a better deal than B&W G3 PowerMac if you don't plan on spending money to upgrade.

    If you are considering B&W G3, I'd encourage you to step up to G4 Sawtooth. The cost difference would be maybe $50 or so, but Sawtooth will be much more usable and upgradable.

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