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    Option to buy: New Mac Mini or Used Dual 1.8 G5
    If you had a choice to buy a brand new mac mini (core 2 duo 1.83) stock or a used Power mac Dual 1.8Ghz with 2g ram and an ATI 9600XT what would you take for the same price.

    I like the fact of buying the mini because it is under warranty, it will dual boot, and it is ultra compact. The only thing that I feel iffy about is the on board video, but I have a pc for games and 3d. It will come to $599 plus tax.

    The Dual G5 is not dual boot (boo!), but has a faster hard drive and dedicated graphics card. It comes with an extra gig of ram over the mini and goes up to 4g (where as the mini goes 3g). The person took very good care of the G5 and is willing to sell it to me for 600 (same price as mini), but it has no warranty.

    Mainly want to use the machine for web, ilife suite, and maybe shake and final cut. I do already own alot of pc apps which is why dualboot would be useful, but I do have a newer built pc for that.

    What would you do and why?

    Thanks for your help!

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    Well if you are heavy into the latest and greatest in games, then suitability for games is a non-issue here. The Mini running Windows can't hack it with that graphics card, and the G5 with OS X is limited in titles. What I think it boils down to for you is a balance of convenience and needs since you still need/want to have your PC handy. The Mini will take up less space, but since it has an integrated graphics card, it CAN NOT run Final Cut Studio (see system requirements below).

    So... if space is a non-issue and/or you are determined to use Final Cut, then I think the G5 is for you. If you are short on space and can live without using FC, then the Mini is the way to go.

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