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    Slow Mac
    Hi there,

    My apple G5 desktop is slowing so i think it is in need of a spring clean. Im thinking of wiping the entire hardrive but not too sure how to go about this?

    Or any other suggestions how I can improve performance and the steps needed?


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    Download the latest version of "onyx" for your system. And preform all the spring cleaning modules there. It should help. Just be careful. And make sure you know what your doing with the app and you'll be fine.

    This might fix your problems.

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    Quote Originally Posted by the8thark View Post
    Download the latest version of "onyx" for your system. And preform all the spring cleaning modules there. It should help.
    Yes, I second this. The 'cleaning' method of wiping a drive and reinstalling the OS is a Windows thing and not necessary on a Mac.
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    Ok, will give it a blast, hopefully that will improve speed and performance. Anything else?

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    I suppose I could include the obvious idea of upgrading the RAM? I'm a recent PC switcher myself, so I'm not too sure the options available. I think the G5 is a tower model though rite? So upgrading should be simple enough...if you haven't already that is.

    I would recommend crucial for your memory, from personal experience.

    Hope this helps a little.

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