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    Connecting monitor to iMac
    Yes, I have searched this.

    I want to connect my Mag LT782s to my Intel iMac via Mini DVI.

    I do alot of photo and design work and I really need some extra working space, I had this monitor laying around and no use for it so I figured why not.

    There are the specs for the Mag monitor. I looked up the apple DVI to mini DVI adaptor and I think it will work but I am not 100% sure.
    The mag monitor has a 15 pin D-sub Input coming out of it, I am pretty sure i can just plug that into the DVI end of the adaptor and then plug that into the Mini DVI on my mac. Will this work ?

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    Yep as long as the monitor is DVI or VGA. Whichever it is - get the miniDV to whatever end you need and you are good to go. I have one iMac using miniDV to DVI and another one miniDV to VGA.

    Question - Is the D Sub a VGA connection - I don't know. You may need a gender changer to get it to work. Try it.

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    Alright, well I picked up the Apple Mini DVI to DVI adaptor today and there is no way that it is going to work. I must have figured something wrong becasue the monitor cord coming out of the MAG monitor is deffintally not a DVI. On the information site it says that it is

    Input: 15 Pin D-Sub

    im guessing that it is a 15 Pin VGA Male that is coming out of the monitor. I am posting some pictures of it, im sure somebody here will know what it is.

    In conclusion I need to find a adaptor that will either connect the monitors cord to DVI or to a Mini DVI, it has to be pretty cheap too.

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    Yes that is a VGA. Get a VGA to DVI (or whatever your iMac has) converter.
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    You'll need a mini-DVI-to-VGA adaptor, which you can get from Apple for less that US$20.

    Don't try to use a both a mini-DVI-to-DVI and a DVI-to-VGA adapter; that won't work; the first one strips out the analog signal the second one needs.

    [EDIT: yes, that's it.]

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