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    Best Place to Purchase Mac Pro-Buying Questions
    I posted earlier about getting a Mac Pro and now that the new one is out I'm ready to purchase. I'm still trying to decide if I'll get the base model or if I will downgrade to the single Quad Core chip. Would it make a big difference in energy use? I don't really need 8 cores at this time but may in the future.
    I also want to add the Wi-Fi option. Is this something you have to add at time of purchase?
    I will be upgrading the memory on my own along with upgrading the 320GB drive to 750 GB and adding 2 1TB Hard Drives using RAID.
    Now for buying, I am willing to wait and either buy it at the Apple Store or go online. My only problem is with taxes I'm going to pay a lot on $2799. I'm considering going online. I've seen places like Amazon and Macmall. What are some good retailers to look at? Since I'm buying a base model I'd likely to think it will be easy to find at one of these stores but my only concern is being able to get the Wi-FI BTO option. I may even wait and try to purchase at the Apple Refurbished Store but because of business needs I'm not sure if I can wait the 2 months or so.

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    I believe if you add the wireless option it becomes a BTO system. You can call Apple and ask the questions on the hardware itself.
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